While it is often enjoyable watching Geese on the lake, Geese are major contributors of phosphorus and nitrogen in bodies of water. The average goose dropping weighs about 0.04 ounces, and each goose may produce 1 to 2 pounds of droppings each day.  Since each dropping is 76% carbon, 4.4% nitrogen, and 1.3% phosphorus, goose poop can speed up the processes that increases algae and depletes the water of oxygen.  Goose poop also makes a mess of your yard.

Prevention is the Key!

Make your property less attractive to geese.

  • Don’t feed the geese
  • Leave a 20-30 foot barrier strip of tall grass (6 inches or more) adjacent to lakeshore
  • Check your property frequently for nest building activity in the spring and remove nesting material
  • Remove goose droppings from your lawn
  • Some folks have tried stringing a wire or string about 10-12 inches high along their shoreline. The geese seem to avoid crossing the string and move on.